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Coaching / Mentoring

Our consultants act as strategic partners, providing expert guidance and support to drive the development of leaders and teams, promoting motivation, knowledge and a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence.



Establishment of a relationship of trust, transfer of knowledge and experience and continuous guidance and support for development.


Analysis and reflection on the current situation, establishment of goals, development of action plan, implementation of planned actions and evaluation of results.


Creating a partnership between the coach and the coachee, conducting structured coaching sessions, using specific techniques and tools to support the coachee's development, and continuous follow-up and feedback.


Support in the development of skills, competences and performance, helping to achieve professional and personal goals.


Increased awareness and responsibility of the coachee, the improvement of specific skills and competences, the overcoming of challenges and the achievement of established goals.



Definition of objectives, identification of areas for improvement, creation of action plan, implementation of planned actions and monitoring of progress.


Setting goals, identifying challenges and obstacles, sharing knowledge and experience, mentoring and feedback, and tracking progress.


Establishment of a strong mentoring relationship, with clear identification of the development and progression needs of the mentee, the sharing of knowledge and experience, guidance and permanent support to the mentee.


Support professional development and growth by providing guidance, support and ongoing sharing of knowledge and experience.


Improvement of the skills and knowledge of the mentee, increase of confidence and self-esteem, the development of specific competences and the achievement of professional goals.